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Loyalty Points Earn as you Shop!

Earn Loyalty Points as you Shop at Special Gifts4u!

Loyalty Points are one of the most exciting functions associated with Special Gifts4u Rewards. Every product you purchase through this website will earn Loyalty Points for the account you use to place the order. For every £1 you spend you will receive 1 Loyalty Point (worth £0.03) . Once you have received 100 Loyalty Points (equivalent to £3.00) you can start to redeem these points during the checkout process for money off your order. You can see at the bottom of the shopping basket how many points your pending order is worth, how many points you have collected, your point value in £s and if you have collected more than 100 points, the option to use these points to redeem money off. Although you will receive Loyalty Points for every product you purchase, you cannot redeem Loyalty Points in conjunction with any other form of discount. When redeeming your Loyalty Points against an order please be aware of the following conditions:
If your order is worth more than the total value of your Loyalty Points then you must redeem all available Loyalty Points at that time. For example if your order is worth £18.00 and you have £16.00 worth of Loyalty Point and you wish to redeem Loyalty Points against this order then you will have to use all of your Loyalty Points. If your order value is less than the value of your Loyalty Points then the you will only be required to spend the equivalent amount of points for this order and your order total will be reduced to £0.00. For example, if you have saved 1200 Loyalty Points (point value = £36.00), and wish to redeem these against an order worth £18.49, you must use 617 points in one go to cover the total cost of the order. Points not used during the redeeming process will remain in your account until they have been redeemed or they expire. Loyalty Points have a lifespan of 12 months and will expire after this period.

To view how many valid Loyalty Points you have collected so far, click on 'Your Account' link at the head of the page. Select the 'Order Information' tab to display details of every order you have placed online within the last 12 months. Here you will also see you current and pending Loyalty Points values.

* Loyalty points can only be redeemed against orders from (when 100 or more points have been received) and must be redeemed within 12 months of being earned. Loyalty points cannot be used in conjunction with any other form of discount and only against the account of which they were collected. Absolutely no cash alternatives will be offered.

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